7 Cottagecore Outfit Ideas to Wear to Work

Cottagecore aesthetic can have different definitions depending on who you talk to but when it comes to work and the office dress code I think all of my cottagecore peers can agree that it can be tricky to figure out an outfit for work that still gives those cottagecore girl vibes~

Just because we have adult responsibilities and must interact with the grown up work world doesn’t mean we still can’t wear a little cottageocre sparkle with our outfits~ 

What I like to do in order to put together a cottagcore work outfit is I will either find a long lantern sleeve belted dress which that belt helps to add a little bit of that modern work vibe while the lantern sleeves sneakily gives me that cottagecore vibe

Now if it’s chilly in the office I also like to pair a lettuce trim or a long sleeve fitted knitwear turtleneck shirt with a big oversized cardigan and a muted colored flounce skirt or A-line front button dress to give a more work girl friendly vibe~

So here are a few Cottagecore Work Outfit ideas to help you also figure out how to sneak a little cottagecore aesthetic into your daily work life~

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It’s okay if your Cottagecore style doesn’t fit what others classify as cottagecore, if it lines up with you and your own personal perspective of cottagecore then that’s all that matters~

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