About Me

Hi there! You can call me Mori and I created this blog as a safe space for me to freely enjoy Cottagecore as an Aesthetic that brings me joy and comfort.

I’m what you would consider a shy, anxious, introverted hobbit with no social skills what-so-ever so I struggle a lot with keeping my mind at peace so theme of romanticizing life around me and dressing in a whimsical soft way really helped me to ground myself and find happiness through my mental turmoil.

I’ve become completely fascinated by the Cottagecore Fashion Aesthetic and I like to share my Cottagecore outfit idea on my blog to help others find inspiration for their cottagecore wardrobe~!

To me there is no right or wrong way to enjoy the Cottagecore Aesthetic, it can be whatever you want it to be~

So be free my Cottagecore Cuties and ~LA VIE EN ROSE~

Cottage Core Mori Girl