What CottageCore Means to an Anxious Introvert

I have anxiety and on top of that I’m also an introvert so I’m in my own headspace a lot.


I don’t know much about cottage core or Mori Kei aesthetic but I want to explore it & see what I can find🌻 ##cottagecore ##morikei

♬ Cottage – Brandon K. Verrett

My emotions can get the better of me and create a false reality and it’s hard for me to find something that can ground me back down from that.

cottagecore Aesthetic

With Cottagecore I found something that helps ground me during my aniexty attacks.

I started exploring what Cottagecore was and I’m learning that it’s about peace and rest.

Some CottageCore Aesthetic Essentials

To me CottageCore is a such warm calming and even simplistic aesthetic.

Theres no need to overthink, which I do because of my anxiety and introvertness which causes me to be in my head a lot.

It’s sort of like stopping to view life through a perspective of joy, comfort, gratitude and calmness.

cottagecore Aesthetic

I don’t believe that I necessarily have to live in a cottage to embrace what CottageCore is. 

Cottage Core to me is more so a state of mind and there are certain things you can do or have or wear that can help lead you to that cozy, grateful cottage core mindset.

If you love comfy cozy sweaters with cute frills and lace, or if you enjoy flowers or gardens, maybe even enjoy baking and sitting down drinking some nice yummy tea then you’re already doing what embodies the ideal of Cottage Core.

Cottage Core not only revolves around the beauty of living in a cottage country side lifestyle but it also embodies the ideal of joy, happiness, love and just peaceful living.

What CottageCore Means to me~

We all have our different forms of escapism, wether that’s in a good book, sports show, movie, whichever, we all need a place to recharge and rejuvenate from the stress of life.

I want to create a life that I don’t need to escape from so I’m slowly going to incorporate a more joyful, happy and loving mindset.

To often I’ve found myself looking at life with such a pessimistic outlook.

cottagecore Aesthetic

Which a little bit of salt like that is important for balance so that I’m not illogically optimistic….if that’s the word I’m looking for….I’m not quite sure but no worries~

So each day I want to explore a little more of this Cottage Core aesthetic and start viewing life through a more positive and grateful perspective.

“If something brings you happiness then it’s never a waste of time~”

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