My CottageCore Aesthetic Essentials

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When it comes to cottagecore it’s all about enjoying the simple life and cultivating a comforting, loving, peaceful feeling around you.

You of course can have your own perception of what cottagecore is to you and that’s totally a-ok!

That’s the beauty of cottagecore! You can fit it within whatever part of life you’re currently on.

You don’t have to live in a cottage or wear layered vintage cottage style clothes.


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But if you’re looking for a few suggestions then I have some that might help you tap into that cottagecore aesthetic!

There are so many things that encompass Cottagecore so I compiled a list of Cottagecore Aesthetic style “Essentials” I like to look for that gives off Cottagecore and Mori Kei vibes~

All Natural Hair Care

Curls and All natural products are a great staple within the cottagecore aesthetic!

Even if you have less textured hair you can still use all natural hair products for your hair care needs~

So I thought it was only fitting for me to include my favorite all natural hair care products from Besser Hair Care for my hair~

Cottage Core Mori Girl

I love their hair growth oil and use it to help moisturize my hair and it leaves it so soft and I love how lightweight it is too~

Cottagecore Girl Friendly All Natural Hair Growth Oil

Flowers Crafts

Flower pressing and potted plants are another essitenal for your typical cottagecore sweetie pie~

Cottagecore Pressing Flower Book

You can press flowers using some tissue and a thick book that might be lying around but just keep in mind it will take about 2 weeks for the flowers to dry and you will need to have something heavy pressing down to help get the moisture out~

Here’s flower pressing kit and flower pressing book to help make your flower pressing craft activity a little more convenient~

cottagecore activity pressing flowers

I unfortunately live in Iowa where the land is pretty flat but I’m satisfied with seeing a few dandelion outside my window~

Vintage Dolls & Music Box Toys

Adding vintage or antique style dolls are a great staple to integrate the cottagecore aesthetic into your home decor~

For instance this cute Wingostore Mini Handcrank Music Box is minimal and compact enough to make sure your cottagecore decor doesn’t start to lean to the draby heavy feel~

Does anyone else remember those old vintage dolls with the delicate details in their clothing design? 

I inherited a lovely vintage music box doll from my Great-Grandmother and she gives me all types of Cottage Core and Mori Kie vibes!

Here lovely vintage style doll that I found off of amazon with her own stand~

cottagecore decor

All Antique Tea Cup and Saucer sets

My husband insist on calling them little plates but I grew up calling them saucers…now that I think about it my mom and great-grandma might have been living the cottage core aesthetic and didn’t even realize it!

If you’re not able to find cottagecore style antique tea cup set at your local thrift to antique store then no worries because I found an adorable vintage tea cup set on amazon~ 20 Piece European Ceramic Tea Set Porcelain Tea SetWith Metal Holder, flower tea set Red Rose Painting

All Things baking

The pioneer aesthetic blends so beautifully with cottagecore since they both utilize made from scratch baking styles~

Here is The Pioneer Woman 20 Piece Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set that fits so perfectly with the cottagecore home kitchenware style~

What feels more cottage core-ask to me would be those non-electrical old school wooden baking tools. Also don’t forget the cozy oven mittens and the cute apron with ruffles or a big pocket in the front!

Cottagecore Kitchenware

I used to bake a lot with my grandmother the most! She didn’t have a lot of high end baking tools so a lot of what I used was a wooden spoon or hand held mixer and rolling pin.

This was my attempt at making bread… as you can see I still need to practice more….

Fluffy Furry Animals

I have two bunny rabbits that I adopted from an animal shelter. If you live in the Des Moines Iowa area I totally recommend stopping by Furry Friends Refuge either fostering or adopting a precious furry friend to be a part of your fur-ever home~

 If you’re looking for a furry companion make sure you understand that this is a lifelong commitment and not just an accessory to add and take away easily.

There are lots of furry creatures looking for their forever home in animal shelters so maybe you might want to consider adopting an animal in need of love and comfort.

Would you like to follow along on my adventure?

I’m not an expert when it comes to the knowledge of Cottage Core. I just want to share my love and fascination of this rejuvenating aesthetic and lifestyle.

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