My Top 5 Cottagecore Clothing Essentials for Spring

Here is a little spring time outfit collage that I put together of my 5 spring time cottagecore clothing essentials

Embroidered Mesh Fluted Sleeve Self Tie Kimono || 3pcs Gingham Pattern Scrunchie || Daisy Charm Necklace & Stud Earrings || 1pc Artificial Hanging Vine || Faux Pearl & Floral Decor Straw Hat || Bow Decor Woven Flats || Tie Shoulder Frill Trim Floral Print Cami Dress || Tassel Detail Round Straw Crossbody Bag

I think spring is like the spirit animal….spirit season of my Cottagecore Aesthetic!

It’s like perfect because you get to take off all of the layers of winter and blissfully/happily take in the spring wind~

Of course since I live in Iowa Spring and turn back into winter really quick unfortunately.

But that’s okay because here are some of my 5 Cottagecore Spring time Clothing Essentials:

  1. Ruffled Sleeved Shawls (Easy to throw on and easy to throw off just as quick as the wind likes to changes from cold to warm)
  2. Sweetheart Soft Girl flower Pattern Midi Dress (I love how cute and flowly most midi dresses are and when it comes to flower patterns I like to lean towards the lighter, less saturated or cluttered floral pattern style. That way it keeps that lightweight spring feel to it~)
  3. Slip on whicker flats (I love wearing flats and one of my cottagecore staples is having a whicker basket style that fits perfect for spring time!)
  4. Flower sun hat (I usually have to pin back my curly hair in order to get a sun hat to fit on my head but that doesn’t stop me from having it as one of my cottagecore spring time essentials, added plus if it has a bow~)
  5. Tote Bags (I love a good tote bag and I feel they go hand in hand with the cottagecore fashion style since you can easily carry a nice book and snacks inside of your back while you go off to enjoy a relaxing picnic…for me that picnic would be in my backyard but you get the point~)


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It’s okay if your Cottagecore style doesn’t fit what others classify as cottagecore, if it lines up with you and your own personal perspective of cottagecore then that’s all that matters~

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