Diary Entry 1: What is Cottagecore to Me?

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything but they just make the best of everything.”

How do I describe what Cottagecore is? I’d have to say that Cottagecore is about possibly creating an environment where you are kind to yourself.

The Cottagecore Aesthetic ideal is a form of peace and harmony to me where I can dump all of my anxiety and intensity of my life.

It helps me learn to stop for a moment and slow down so that I can start appreciating the blessings of life around me instead of giving my attention to the stress and fear.

A tiny corner of our life where there no judgment, no comparison, just a place to slow down and view life through a practical optimistic perspective.

If anything it is a great aesthetic filled with various activities that has helped as a sort of grounding tool for me.


🌻Day 2 of creating my cottagecore aesthetic🌻

♬ French Song – Chloe Moser

You can read more about one cottagecore activity where I shared a comforting memory of me and my grandmother baking homemade chocolate chip cookies together~

I’m still learning more about what Cottagecore is and trying to find my own Aesthetic and build my own peaceful corner in my life.

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