How to make a Cottagecore Outfit Collage for Pinterest

I use two free online tools called Canva and to create my cottagecore outfit fashion collages for Pinterest.

cottagecore outfit

What are people using to make fashion collages on pinterest?

The photos that I use to make my cottagecore fashion collages are pulled directly from different online fashion websites.

I wrote a blog post were I share a cottagecore clothing friendly website here if you’d like to take a look at that~

After I download the images from their website or from pinterest or whichever place I see a cute outfit I will then upload it into so that I can get the transparent background.

Next I will go into canva and create a canvas of 1000 px by 1000 px or a nice square and then upload my transparent photos that way.

What I like about canva is it’s snap to features. That way it helps take out the guess work on how to properly balance my collage so it doesn’t feel cluttered or lopsided.

There are fashion collage makers that you can use online but the few that I’ve come across have either been buggy or you’re not able to upload your own images.

Using canva and together helps me to have fun creating these collages with the outfits/images I want and its all for free!

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